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When is Big, Black & Ugly Beautiful?

How do you take a small, struggling industrial plant in a rural community and turn it into a powerhouse on the world stage? First you bring in a smart business guy like Cronan Connell who could see the potential. He and others bought the company and began investing in people and equipment to get the product up to snuff. One of his next strategic decisions was to do a complete brand overhaul with edgy marketing and he brought the McComm Group to do just that.

His question to us: “How do you make big, black and ugly parts look good?” The rest is history.

Valley Rubber needed a logo and mascot as tough as their products – big, black and ugly rubber parts used in the mining and aggregate industry. Thus, King Crusher was born and has become well recognized in that industry around the world. When a gorilla is looking out from the front of your coffee bag or mug or the hardhat of the guy next to you, you have to take notice!


Taking it to the next level means being bold. Cronan determined that to make Valley Rubber a success, his team needed to position the company in a niche market for small runs of big rubber pieces with high quality. The competition was well-entrenched conglomerates. To get noticed, he planned to meet potential customers face to face and to leave with a knock-your-socks-off brochure they would keep and remember. The initial piece McWhorter developed was a company brochure that incorporated not-often-used printing techniques and a red ot design that delivered the goods.

Great Job on the Elkote and varnish, very few people understand how to use them. Your 1st Valley Rubber PocketFolder is on our wall of samples, showing off our Elkote process. Kudo’s.”

— Mark W., Commercial Printing Company

  • Valley Rubber brochure
  • Valley Rubber brochure
  • Valley Rubber brochure
  • Valley Rubber brochure
  • Valley Rubber brochure

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If your mascot is a gorilla, you might as well shout it from the treetops…er, on the Internet with an equally memorable web address that also defines your product: For the web site, we built upon the messaging developed in the brochure and provided an avenue for Valley Rubber to showcase how the products apply to new industries such as marine, highway and rail. We’re happy to report the company has now had major successes in each of these areas. To give the web site a viral edge, the McComm Group developed the King Crusher game. How well can you score?

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Cronan & Emily:  Website changes are in. I included my cell phone number and already have calls from Mexico.  Great.”

Eduardo  C.

Interactive Leave-Behind DVD

A picture is worth a thousand words. An interactive picture is a bankable sales tool. We developed a detailed version of the interactive plant solutions, showing how Valley Rubber’s products are used throughout a mining operation. We created this leave behind DVD in both English and Spanish to target customers in North America as well as Central and South America.

Valley Rubber interactive DVD

Valley Rubber truck graphics

Valley Rubber t-shirt

Valley Rubber t-shirt

Hard Hat Graphics

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that I understand why you insisted on going over the new literature with me in person. It’s the quality of it. I am as proud to hand it out as you are of it. Thanks for all of your time invested, it really shows.”

John R.

Valley Rubber Morning Ape Coffee gift


Email Newsletters

The details matter in marketing. To help the in-house marketing team at Valley Rubber have the right tools to communicate easily with customers on a regular basis, we created email templates that further the brand identity. The client manages the content.

Valley Rubber email newsletter

Valley Rubber email newsletter

Valley Rubber email newsletter